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100 pages of insightful content

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Executive Summary 


China is at the forefront of a global revolution that encourages industries and citizens to re:think and re:shape their way of living and creating: the Green Culture.


This report of 100+ slides explores how this unique  development in history is unfolding in China. What is driving the movement? Who are the main key players? How do Chinese people embrace green culture?

How will it change the country’s identity?


Besides the 4 main trends we’ve identified, we’ve curated inspiring insights and in-depth knowledge, including:

  • An historical and cultural overview of green culture in China to put things in perspective

  • Moodboards and keywords to work and play with the language of green culture

  • A range of specific attributes and precise examples from lifestyle to political regulations to understand how green culture is crystallizing.

  • Strategic recommendations to work within the spirit of green culture

  • A map of Change Makers and green culture businesses to follow in China

Masculinity Nicola Powys.jpeg


Executive Summary 


This report is an ode to masculinities. Today, men, just as women, are given the freedom to choose what kind of man, partner, father, son or professional they want to be.

Welcome to the era of possibilities, where humans can construct and deconstruct their identity - sometimes in just one click.

In this report of 100+ slides, we explore the layers of the masculine aura. We identify eight different typologies of men, taking into account their personal relationship to others, to women, to their family, their work, their body, to lifestyle and of course themselves as individuals. We’ve been lucky enough to hear about their dreams, desires and aspirations and also their fears or the challenges they face.

What is it like to be a man in the 21st century? How did the neo-feminist wave change their way of being and behaving in society or within intimate circles? What are their expectations?

Besides these 8 typologies, you will find:

  • Aspiring moodboards that visually sum up the concept of masculinities

  • An historical approach to masculinity over the last 100 years

  • Key statistics of men and their behaviors

  • Expert's statements

  • A list of key words to catch the essence of masculinity

What else do we cover in this report? Inclusivity, independence, social engagement, gender-fluidity, success, soft skills…

Femininity in Japan Jeremy Goldberg.jpeg


Executive Summary 


We are proud to introduce our very first "non custom" report dedicated to femininity in Japan.

What does the expression of personal femininity look like in a society where the collective prevails? Can the idea(l) of femininity exist beyond its standardized attributes such as purity, kindness? How do Japanese women bridge individual aspirations and societal expectations?

This report is the result of several weeks spent in Japan, observing and deciphering the ancient and modern features of femininity.

We’ve interviewed 10 experts on the topic, conducted ethnographic research in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe and visited places and stores dedicated to women.

Based on this extensive research, we identified 6 axes that are shaping today’s femininity in Japan.

Besides these 6 axes you will find:

  • Aspiring moodboards of femininity in Japan from    Gen-Z to Boomers

  • Historical insights

  • Key facts you need to know about Japan in general

  • Examples of experimental femininities

What else do we cover in this report? J-beauty, life rituals, women’s empowerment, the masculine, Japan’s unique history…