We Are.

Granulate is a research lab with a human- and

planet-centric approach.


We explore and document our ever-changing world to inspire brands and organizations in creating desirable futures.


By gathering extensive knowledge, we provide our clients with unique, resourceful and actionable input that enables them to grow and reinvent themselves.


Our core business is to write and publish cross-sectoral reports. We also offer trend tours, bespoke presentations and keynote speeches.


To sense the future, we explore different environments such as communities, culture, politics, history, lifestyle, design, crafts…


We have designed an insightful methodology that helps us

understand where we are heading next.


Desk & Data Research

Social Media Monitoring

Interviews with International Experts


Connecting Our Discoveries

Identifying Key Topics

Deciphering Complex Dynamics


Sense of the Zeigeist


Subjective Understanding

Granulate works with beautiful brands, from impactful local businesses and global agencies to large organizations, including LVMH, Fondation Bettencourt, Spotify, Fendi... 

Our research lab takes a cross-sectoral approach and is active in various fields: beauty, fashion, luxury, hospitality, wellness…




Chloé Stückelschweiger is the founder of Granulate.

Born in Paris with Austrian roots, Chloé holds a Master of Arts in Social Sciences from the prestigious Humboldt University of Berlin.


Chloé began her career at Carlin Creative in Berlin in 2012. She then worked as a freelance trend researcher and consultant with projects in Berlin, Dubai, and Paris.


In 2018 she decided to take her expertise to the next level and founded Granulate, a research lab with a human- and planet-centric approach.


She now lives between Paris and Lisbon.

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